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Weddings are made in heaven but grand weddings can only be pulled off by people who are experts in decor, catering, and in general, event management. It's impossible to have a wedding without involving Neonza's wedding neon lights into it! 

Wedding neon lights are a fantastic way to spruce up any marriage or reception! The possibilities are endless, ranging from love messages, initials, and hashtags to quirky designs, one-liners, inside jokes, bride-to-be neon signs, and even personalized messages!  

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We adore a good wedding sign, especially when it's neon! Displaying your name or favorite saying in a wedding neon sign is a terrific way to make your party pop, from a welcome signage and ceremony backdrop to bar decor. But, with so many designs and function options, how can brides and grooms-to-be make the most of this trendy element? It is easy with Neonza. A swanky wedding neon light with a delightful cursive font is stylish enough to stand alone. So, you'll not only save money on extraneous wedding neon decor, but you'll also be investing in a piece that can be showcased in your home!   

 Signs are commonly used at weddings to direct guests in the right direction but instead of the traditional wooden sign, you can use a wedding neon light creatively to function the same way. How about a glowing 'Welcome' neon sign or a 'Meet us at the bar' directive pointing to cocktail hour? 

Make your wedding neon sign creative and minimalistic! 

Use a verdant backdrop or a background with baroque wallpaper 

Add a wedding neon sign to a dark woody background 

 Add creamy colors to the sign and setting for a beautiful ambiance. 

You can decorate the DJ booth or use it to announce your theme to everyone in the room. 

Make it clear who the duo of the night is by displaying your names prominently. 

Use our neon sign with the names of the couple and hang it above their table, illuminating the miniature disco balls or floral decor around it. Neon signs do not have to be straightforward in the physical sense nor do they have to stick to one particular theme; they can also inspire guests to relax and let go of their inhibitions. Create the vibe you want in your wedding with Neonza's beautifully handcrafted, durable, and affordable wedding neon signs!