Collection: Personalise Neon Sign

Personalized neon lights  

Who doesn't like neon lights? They turn your drab and dull walls into masterpieces and keep your home brightened on the darkest nights. What if we told you that the deal gets better? Yes, you read it right. You can personalize neon signs without any hassles on Neonza.  

Imagine living in your dream home and going to bed with your personalized neon lights glowing in the living room and hall. It is comforting, relaxing, and on top of all that, incredibly aesthetic. You will be staying on top of your trends and to-do list by adding Neonza's personalized neon lights to your home! 

Personalize neon signs by simply going to the Neonza website.

  • Click on personalized neon lights.
  • You'll be directed to a page where you will be able to personalize neon signs exactly.

Enter your favorite quote, a haiku, a line you love, a phrase from that poem you have loved since you were a child, a movie dialogue, a song you can't stop listening to, or simply a word you relate with.

When it comes to personalized neon lights, you will be allowed to let your imagination run amok! Take a pick from the beautiful fonts on our site and don't forget to give the different colors a try!  

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At Neonza, you can also check the appearance of your personalized neon lights on the site. Right below the different colors available for personalization, you will find a section called "Check with A Background."

You will then be able to view the complete look of the neon sign for your living room, hall, or bedroom! Pick a size that suits you the best and let the personalized neon lights adorn your plain walls.  

 Neonza's personalized neon lights are carefully crafted for optimal performance and durability. They are environmentally friendly and more long-lasting than the average signs found in the market.

After you personalize your neon sign you can also add a wireless remote-control dimmer and hanging chain to your package! Personalize the neon sign and add it to your cart today!