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LED Neon signs are incredibly durable, and with a guaranteed lifespan of 100,000 hours, this form of signage is the best available in the market today. A major concern that customers have when deciding to buy a custom LED neon sign is whether the sign will last them and whether it will survive in the environment they intend to put it in. After all, what's the point of buying custom neon signs if they break before they leave the packaging? Below we have mentioned some points that can be considered while checking the durability of  Neon Sign India.

1. Safe

  • LED Neon signage provided by Neonza studio is also guaranteed to be safe to handle. In comparison to traditional neon signage that will shatter and may cut you on impact, our LED Neon signage will not shatter on impact.
  • Furthermore, polymer tubing's warm surface won't burn your skin or electrocute you when touched and all of our signs meet local requirements on an international scale.  flexible neon lights

2. Flexibility

  • Neonza studio has developed an innovative polymer tube for their LED Neon signs that can be twisted and bent to prevent it from snapping.
  • Furthermore, the surface of our LED Neon is very resistant to scratches and breaks, so the light can shine through it without disturbance, resulting in a uniform glow throughout.
  • This flexibility also enables us to design any design you can imagine. The LED neon will be bent into your desired shape by our workshop staff, and then attached to your backing board with efficiency and professionalism.
  • It takes longer and costs more to modify the shape of the glass tubing in comparison to traditional glass Neon since it has to be heated before modifications can be made.
  • The traditional glass Neon, however, is also not very durable when compared with our Innovative Neon Flex, since the glass is very fragile and could shatter if not handled properly.

3. Waterproof

  • LED Neon signs can be waterproofed by the workshop team of  Neonza studio to higher standards if needed. Waterproofing is essential for all LED Neon that will be installed outside as rain can negatively impact the LEDs inside.
  • Depending on the location and circumstances of your neon sign, waterproofing is also available for indoor signs that may come into contact with water.
  • We waterproof your sign by sealing all openings in the LED Neon, making certain that no water can enter the polymer tubing.
  • Neonza studio will make sure that your LED Neon sign will remain illuminated regardless of the changing weather conditions, even in the pouring rain.

Neonza studio, a signage company has been in business for many years and specializes in delivering the best innovation and offering a complete range of eye-catching solutions, such as Sign Boards, Neon Art Sign LED Signage, Acrylic Letters and Home Nameplates. It is one of the leading companies of Neon Sign India.

You can buy neon signs from Neonza studio’s Neon Sign Online Store at very affordable prices. It is very easy and simple to shop from our Neon Sign Online Store. We provide detailed product descriptions to help you decide the best Neon Sign for you. You can choose the size as per your preference and buy via a number of payments options available for your convenience. You can leave a review to tell others about your great purchase. We would love to see you at our online store!!


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