Collection: Neon Light Sign for your Salon

With NeonzaStudio's alluring neon lights and signs—designed especially for salons looking for that additional bit of glitz—enter a world of glowing beauty. Makeover your salon into a mystical haven that draws customers and awakens their senses.

 Are you looking for ways to make your salon stand out? Beauty Salon neon sign are the best way to style your nail bar, lash bar, make-up salon, or tattoo parlor.

Neonza's salon neon signs allow for endless customization and space for your creativity to grow while providing you with a soft glow creating the ideal atmosphere for your clients to unwind and be pampered.  

You have a plethora of options for your salon, ranging from simple luminous scissors signs to being notified of a witty phrase. Send us your ideas, and we'll turn them into gleaming salon neon signs for your aesthetic and trendy salons.  

A salon should have a positive vibe in which folks can unwind and relax.

Placing positive and self-love-related sayings 

You can select from a variety of salon neon signs already available in our store

Create your neon sign in your favorite colors.

Colors that match your aura can be chosen from our neon color palette.


We have over five different colors ranging from warm tones to vibrant hues. Pick one that best reflects your personality or the personality of your salon.  

Beautify your nail bars in the same way you would your nails since the place where all the fun starts should also look magical! Our meticulously beautifully crafted signs are exceptionally long and energy-efficient. You won't have to worry about operating or maintenance costs. Relax and just let our salon neon signs wonderfully enhance the ambiance of your salon! Feel free to share your creative ideas with us for a salon neon sign that perfectly suits your salon! 


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