About Us

We bring cutting-edge brand concepts to the spotlight with our glazing and eye-catching signage

Advertising is the innovative marketing of products and services to capture the audience. We, Neonza Studio®, are a signage company (Division of Acrylic Sheets India) that has been in business for many years, and we believe in delivering the best innovation and provide a complete range of eye-catching sign solutions, including Sign Boards, LED Signage, Acrylic Letters, and Home Nameplates, among others.

Neonza Studio® is a business headquartered in Ambala, Haryana (India) that delivers LED neon signs at affordable pricing. We understand the necessity for modern businesses to establish their brand and distinguish themselves apart from the competition, which is why we are the right fit for you. We are a group of like-minded professionals with years of expertise in the modular signage industry, having finished thousands of renowned projects in India.

With the wonderful design, our offered neon signboard plays a critical role in influencing and appealing to clients. Customers are constantly demanding glow signboards and neon signboards for specific reason that they attract more customers to their businesses and create a lasting impression.

Mr. Sahil Goel

Our Owner “Mr. Sahil Goel” who manages resources efficiently for the production and delivery of high-quality, low-cost products. Company has established a strong position in the neon signboard industry because of its strong business sense, wide industry expertise, and ethical working approach.

Why Neonza Studio®?

We have a huge customer base as we provide a high-quality product. We always strive to “Add value to our customers’ lives” and achieve consolidated, sustained, and independent growth in the international market that ensures long-term business success. The following factors have contributed to our remarkable success:

  • Sophisticated Infrastructure

 We have huge manufacturing unit equipped with advanced equipment. We provide to our clients with comprehensive signage solutions, including concept, design, sign engineering, and consulting, as well as a manufactured acrylic product range. Whether create a logo for your company, a quote, a tag line, a design, a message, a love sign, song lyrics, a kid's name, a good mood, and so on, we offered everything. At our production facility, we create unique and cutting-edge neon lights for our customers. 

  • Our Ardent Team

We are a skilled group of sign makers. Our team of specialists identifies what is required in terms of the structural design, electrical work, and installation requirements to produce high-quality, long-lasting Signage boards. In addition, our team of quality control engineers performs quality checks at various stages of manufacturing and guarantee that the products we offer satisfy the requirements of clients.

  • Quality Initiatives

Products are checked thoroughly at every step of the process, from procurement to delivery. Even the raw materials used are carefully inspected and tested that they are suitable for manufacture. Our product design process begins with the consideration of client needs such as functionality, durability, quality, and overall value. The delivery is considered prepared to dispatch only if the above-mentioned requirement is satisfied.


Our mission is to continuously follow high-quality standards and stringent schedules for timely delivery of products to bring the utmost satisfaction to our valued clients.


To work diligently, binding to our ‘value system’ with the highest ethical standards, and be a renowned and valued company in our field of signage Industry.

Neonza Studio® Product key features:

  • High quality
  • Eye-catching
  • Weather Proof
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Clear Visibility
  • Customized products