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6 Best Wedding Neon Signs: The New Trend

Choosing the best pick for decorating the venue

Are you in the planning phase of your wedding and looking for options that excite you and startle your wedding guests? You may already be in confusion regarding choosing floral decoration or decorating the venue with candles or lights. We believe that your wedding must elevate the traditional way of decorating the venues to something exciting, trending, and one that pleases your family and friends at the wedding. 

While we know that choosing the best pick for decorating the venue is as hard as choosing your bridal/groom outfit, we are here to help you with an amazing and top and trendy pick for your wedding decorations.  A new trend that’s currently rocking in the wedding world is Neon Signs.  



Neon Signs basically light up your big day and are quirky adding to the fun of your wedding. You have endless options to display neon signs like hashtags, love quotes, bride and groom initials, Mr. and Mrs. neon signs and a lot more!  

Giving your wedding preparations a touch of light, you can literally have a neon wedding and decorate the spaces with hashtags, initials or quotes that brings forth your feelings too. A trend-setter in wedding decorations, the mentioned Neon Sign idea rocks for your wedding functions! 

1.Hashtag Neon Sign 

If you’re looking for the trendy and best neon sign option for your big day, it should really be a Hashtag Neon Sign. This neon sign is a true friend of your socially savy friends and family, trust us! One hashtag on every place, virtually and tangibly, it helps you to keep account of the pictures and videos that your guests share on social media by searching your own neon sign hashtag. 

You can create a hashtag using the initials of your names or tell a tale of your couple's journey in just a few words. Simply like, Mrs. V & Mr. R chose #VRinLove as their Neon Sign, you can do that too! - Buy Wedding Neon Sign

2.Cheesy Love Quotes Neon Sign 

Create a vibe of romance in your venue with a love quote and let your wedding guests be in awe! You can choose a wedding neon sign of a love quote that resonates the feelings of you and your better half. Love quotes like ‘All you need is love’ or ‘Still falling for you’ can be your option. 

3. Bride to Be Neon Sign 

Be it your bachelorette, mehendi or haldi function, a Bride to be neon sign fits every occasion. With bright neon lights, this wedding neon sign goes best for your pre-wedding functions.

4 . Mr and Mrs. Neon Sign 

A Mr and Mrs Neon Sign is another perfect way to decorate your wedding venue or even your home! This couple's wedding neon sign is very popular and instantly adds style to decorate your place. If you are in the mood to keep your neon sign simple and subtle, a Mr and Mrs. Neon Sign will work the best. 

5.Custom-made or Personalized Quote Neon Sign 

marry me neon sign

There’s nothing more special and charming than adding a sense of personalized touch to your wedding function decorations. The idea of creating a custom neon sign or a personalized quote neon sign is to include your special memories in the form of a quote. 

Simply like, on Vernika and Raman’s wedding, they chose to create a personalized quote neon sign that says ‘Raman Ki Hui Vernika’. Isn’t that quite amazing? 

6. Party Neon Sign 

The one sign that will fit every wedding function is a Party Neon Sign. You can have your custom neon signs wedding based on a party theme and set a chill vibe with your wedding guests. 

‘Party has just begun’ is one such option. You can think of more amazing options for your neon sign and get your party started! 

 Keep up with this new trend of neon signs wedding and elevate your wedding decorations. These custom neon signs wedding décor idea is quirky and looks awesome. You can customize or personalize the neon sign as per your feeling. 


Do you know what the best part is? These neon signs can be used as a backdrop for your wedding shoot and make you’re the-day pictures absolutely adorable. 

You can also place your wedding neon sign at the entrance of the venue, or where the desserts, sweets, and wedding cake is placed since your wedding cake will get the most attention. The neon sign can also be placed near the dance floor or bar. After your wedding, you can even hang your wedding neon sign on the wall of your room and cherish it forever. 

Adding purpose to lighting too with the decoration, you should not miss having a neon sign wedding! 


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