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How To Clean Neon Signs?

Neon signs accumulate and gather dirt particles, mold, grease, infestations, and spider webs throughout time and with repeated use. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your neon lights looking as bright, colorful, and enticing as possible. 

Although neon signs are indeed a terrific way to give your company setting an artistic, playful touch, you must keep your signs clean. We usually have a general question about how to clean neon signs.

Neon signs are typically utilized outside as a technique to attract clients. Neon lights may also be s ornamental items indoors to offer more character and color while illuminating your environment. 

Because of their vivid hues, unique shapes, and dazzling visibility, neon lights are popular. A major question arises then, that is, how to clean neon lights properly. They are frequently used in storefront windows to advertise businesses and draw patrons. Neon tubes develop dust, dirt, or grime from airborne debris and other detritus, just like all lights do. 

Neon lights and signs that aren't clean, look dirty. They can be made to last longer and have their colors enhanced by routine cleaning. You must already research how to clean neon lights. Neon lights need specific cleaning methods because they are delicate. 

 While conventional neon signs employ more delicate neon glass tubing, modernized neon lights that use LEDs are enclosed in a protective polymer. Additionally, when lighted, classic high beams become hot to the touch, but LED neon lights are not. 

If you're highly doubtful, about how to clean neon signs, then there are some options you must try that are listed as follows: 


  1. Getting Rid of Dust

Unlike classic neon signs, which contain noble gases, modern neon signs do not contain any harmful gases, making them safe to touch. 


But before you start handling the neon sign, make sure to turn it off and disconnect it. After doing this, give the sign a few minutes to cool off because it can get hot after many hours of use. 


To begin dusting, use one feather duster to sweep up any loose dust. After that, lightly brush out any leftover dust using a nylon brush having long, soft bristles. 


Before determining whether to go in for a thorough cleaning to erase stains and dirt with a wet clean, wipe quite enough dust as you can. 


This has made cleaning contemporary neon signs considerably simpler. 


  1. Getting Rid of Stains and Grime

Mix 12 cups of common ammonia with 12 cups of water inside a plastic container to remove stains and filth. The next step is to wet a towel with the said mixture and squeeze out any extra. Remove any stains or filth first from the surface of your signs by gently rubbing. 

It is simpler to clean LEDs thanks to the polymer covering. When wet cleaning, meanwhile, you must still turn down your sign and unhook from the power supply. 

 Want to avoid using ammonia? Alternatively, you might use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in place of ammonia. 


  1. Shut It Off Properly

To prolong the life of neon signs, they should typically be left on. Burnout occurs more quickly in neon lights that are often turned on and off. However, you must disconnect the sign before you begin cleaning whenever it comes to safety. During the cleaning process, you want to minimize the possibility of getting harmed or damaging the sign. Just turn off the sign once you begin. This will not only ensure your safety, but it'll also make the soiled areas more noticeable than previously. 


Take Care To Avoid This 

  While cleaning, DO NOT immerse the sign in the cleaning solution or water. If block-out paint was applied on the sign, extra caution is needed. Before washing the entire sign, make sure the cleaning solution doesn't break or tear its paint by testing a small portion on a corner. 


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