Customised Neon Sign

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Customised Neon Sign


    ‚úĒ¬†Made from long-lasting, durable, and environmentally-friendly LED neon,

    ‚úĒ¬†Mounted on a clear acrylic backboard

    ‚úĒ The sign comes standard with a 5-meter clear adapter

    ‚úĒ Wall-mounted holes to stick or attach to walls.¬†¬†

    Light is designed to last at least 24000+ hours

    "Please note that the images shown are for representation of the design of the neon sign and color may slightly vary compared to the images"


    STEP 1:- Enter the text you want in the Text Field and the same text will appear on the background image

    STEP 2:- Choose the color of your choice

    STEP 3:- Choose the font of your choice, you can see the text changing live on the background image as you go through different fonts

    STEP 4:- Choose Size 


    UPTO 5 LETTERS 16X8 in 9x18 in 10x24 in
    UPTO 10 LETTERS 18x8 in 10x24 in 13x30 in
    UPTO 12 LETTERS 22x8 in 10x30 in 12x36 in
    UPTO 16 LETTERS 10x30 in 11x36 in 14x46 in


    1. Fonts not working?Need any help with customization?
    2. Have your own font?
    3. Want the sign in multiple fonts?
    4. Want the sign in multiple colors?
    5. Want your logo in Neon?
    6. Want same sign in different font or size?

    Modern customized LED lights (Customized neon sign )   

    The all-new, safe, energy-efficient customized neon sign are bringing a revolution in the era of lighting. Earlier glass neon tubes were used which were bulky, costly, more power consumption as well as less durable while the customized neon lights with us cover up all these flaws and light up your space and mood never going out of trend.   

    Customized Neon sign lights are the game changer for today’s generation's way of decorating or lighting up their mood. Who doesn’t like a perfect neon sign hanging on the wall beside your bed, or a motivational quote customized neon sign just above your working space?

    But, most of us hesitate and aren’t confident in the fact that we can get the customized LED lights as per our own idea or imagination. No need to stay confused now, we at Neonza studio, brings you all types of customized neon lights perfect for an indoor, outdoor, office, bedroom, or any of your spaces. Our neon lights are customized, durable, trend-setters, energy and cost-efficient, and all these make it easy to install a neon sign .

    So, let us help you light up your life with the best quality customized neon lights for home, business, events, weddings, and many more. We are here to help you bring your dream design come to life with easy accessibility, easy to design, stylish customized neon lights. Now, you don’t need to have any excuse to turn up your brightness. We have designed customized neon lights for many events, weddings, and personal or professional spaces. Need lightning styling ideas or any gift ideas?

    A customized neon sign light is a standout present. Design your own personalized neon sign light of your choice and lit up your mood with vibes that match you.



    Browse our website or contact us with your idea for the most aesthetic, popular neon art, table lamps, wall hangings, and word signs with a wide variety of colors and font options available.

    Our Customize Name Led Lamp can be personalized for kids' rooms, wedding events, offices, gyms, studios, homes, or any space indoors or outdoors. It is a unique way of creating something special and motivating for yourself, just share your idea with us and we will light up your space with our fine-quality customized neon sign lights. 

    Our customized neon signs are made up of high-quality LED flex making them more cost-effective, durable, and safer than the traditional glass neon tube while still providing a great visual impact.   

    Click here to know more about how the process works, customization options, and delivery options to grab your favorite customized neon light piece today. 

    • Premium Quality- Made from the finest quality materials to ensure the longevity and safety of the products.

    • Quirky Designs- Find all the trendy designs in one place. Decorate your space with the best of designs and add that pop of color.


    • Made on Order- Every order is made with sheer perfection by the best craftsman in order to provide customer satisfaction. Each order is made on-demand.¬†

    • Sustainable Approach- Create wonderful corners without harming the environment. Consumes minimal electricity to run for hours.¬†

    • Personalization- Want a custom neon sign? Worry no more!

    • Easy Installation- Guides are provided with each sign to help with quick installation without any problem.¬†

    • Approved by Customers- Crafting happiness for customers is the prime aim and our customers approve of that!¬†

    • Fast delivery- Don't wait for days to unbox happiness. Fast delivery services with great customer experience.

    What's in the kit?

    Don’t worry about the hassles of installing your favorite neon signs! Neonza Studio is here to help you.Every sign comes with an installation guide and mounting kit. The kit includes your neon sign packaged with care to ensure support, power cord, and mounting screws. Our signs come with pre-drilled holes to save you from the difficult part. Unwrap happiness and hang it on your favorite corner.

    Product Installation Guide

    Follow these steps for an easy installation:

    • Measure out the area and the neon sign.

    • Depending on your preference, mark where you want to install the sign.

    • With help of a drilling machine, make holes on your preferred mark.

    • Take out the mounting screws from your kit to hang your sign.

    • Now connect the adapter with the cable and lighten up neon joy!.

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