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Neon lights vs. LED Neon Lights- Comparison

There is a lot of confusion floating around between what are called neon lights and LED neon lights. Neon lights, without a doubt, are a great source of lighting and it is very important to consider all the advantages and disadvantages beforehand. There are a lot of differences between normal neon lights and LED neon lights based on a lot of factors. we can easily compare Neon lights vs. LED Neon Lights

 Major factors to consider while choosing between Neon lights vs. LED Neon Lights

  • Power consumption 

This is the major determining factor to consider while opting for lights as it directly impacts the bills that you have to pay. For this particular reason, a more power-efficient option is what to take care of as a priority. In the case of neon lights, they consume a lot of energy that is required to separate the electrons from the atoms and, in return, produce light. 

Considering LED neon lights, they work with less energy consumption, making them a better energy-efficient option. They can even work with fluctuating power without shutting off or flickering. 

  • Versatility 

The uses and applications of neon lights are important factors to consider when determining which neon lights are suitable for specific needs. Neon lights have signage applications, so those who prefer flickering lights opt for neon lights because of their flickering property. For those who want consistent signage options, LED neon lights are the best for them as they do not flicker and work even with fluctuating power. These lights are very handy and can be used to light under cabinets, stores, automobiles, and many more. They are very versatile due to this property. 

  • Installation

Neon lights are made of glass, which makes them very fragile, and one has to be very careful while installing them to prevent any damage. Also, a lot of time is consumed while installing them. These lights are suitable only for indoor use as they can’t withstand harsh weather. conditions, so while installing these neon lights, it has to be made sure that they are at a good distance from any physical harm. 

In the case of LED neon lights, the installation process is very easy and can be done by following the instructions properly. They are also quite flexible, so they can be bent. They are waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. One thing that has to be taken care of is cut lines, tools for mixing colors, and also how you bend your light. 

  • Eco-friendliness 

Neon lights are made of glass and different types of glass tubes, so they are harmful to the environment. So, the proper disposal of these lights is very important as they release harmful gases. But in the case of LED neon lights, there is no worry about the disposal as they are eco-friendly and don't release any harmful gases. The LED neon lights can also be recycled, which helps to reduce the waste released into the environment. 

  • Durability

The time for which a light serves you plays an important role in determining which light to choose. Neon lights promise 30,000 hours before they start having issues, while LED neon lights promise 1,00,000 hours of great performance and bright light. 

  • Maintenance 

Normal neon lights require extra maintenance as compared to LED neon lights as the glass tubes contain noble gases which need to be replaced after some time to maintain the proper functioning of the lights. The phosphor covering the gases has to be intact and the glass has to be cleaned regularly, while in the case of LED neon lights, only the light has to be cleaned. LED neon lights have a protective silicone covering, ensuring proper safety from any damage and leading to minimal maintenance. 

  • Light changes. 

After the neon lights are manufactured, the color change is not possible, and you will get stuck with one particular color. While in the case of LED neon lights, the color changing program is in control, so you can manage the color change, dimming effects of the lights, brightness, and other additional features. 

  •  Design accuracy 

With the flexibility property of the LED neon lights, they can be bent and different shapes with them can be produced giving a large variety of options to the audience to choose from and even get their customized design for their home, and workplace. 

While the normal neon lights are not flexible so can’t be bent and have limited design options. Even for the same design of the light, the accuracy of the design and the flexibility of the final result aren't the same. Neon lights can not achieve the same accuracy and the design is not as sharp and accurate as compared to LED neon lights. 

Both normal neon lights and LED neon lights are great sources of lighting, but preferring one over the other should be done by application of the lights should be kept in mind. Considering this will help you make a better and wiser decision. 

Overall, the LED neon lights are better as compared to the normal neon lights. We, at NeonzaStudio, provide the highest quality customized LED neon lights to match your vibe and light up your space and ambiance. 

General FAQ

1- How much does a neon sign cost?

The cost of a neon sign depends on the customization requirements such as font style, size, color, and the number of words involved with the neon light. 

2- Are neon lights available in India?

Yes, neon lights are available in India. Many online platforms provide customized neon lights as well, so that the audience can choose according to their preference.

3- Is LED neon light cheaper than neon light?

Due to their superiority over normal glass neon lights, and due to additional advanced properties and features, LED neon lights are more expensive as compared to neon lights.

4- Which is better: Neon lights vs. LED Neon Lights? 

LED neon lights are better than normal glass neon lights as they are power efficient, flexible, and have a longer working life. 

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