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What Are Neon Lights - Its Advantages ,Types and FAQ’s

Whenever the thought of revamping or changing the decor of the room, house, or workplace comes to our mind, neon sign lights are the ones trending in everyone’s mind these days. They are quite handy, and trendy and the customization of Neon sign Lights helps everyone match their vibes. What could be better than getting your Neon sign Lights customized according to your wish, your name, your vibe, or your favorite line from your favorite TV show?

Neon Light was named after the gas, neon initially but now many different gasses are used to get different colors and different glow. The neon light is a lighting display fabricated of glass tubes that are filled with different gasses and molded into the desired shape of letters or decorative designs. 

We, at Neonza Studio, have basic designs and many options available that you can choose from or bring your thoughts and ideas and can get your Neon sign Light customized according to your preferences. These neon sign Lights are power efficient and light up the ambience and embrace the vibes of your surroundings. Colors are lit and brighten up your mood and bring positivity to your day. 

What are Neon Sign Lights made of?

Neon sign Lights are glass tube lights filled with different gasses to fabricate different letters and designs of your preference. The gasses used in the Neon sign Lights can be Neon, Krypton, Xenon, Helium, Argon, and Mercury vapor. These gasses emit light and glow, and the color of these lights depends on the amount of gas filled in the glass tube. The selection of gas depends on which color we want our Neon sign Light to glow in. These Neon Lights can function on different voltages which makes them quite flexible and the top preference of most people nowadays

 Advantages of Neon Lights 

 The Neon sign Lights have various advantages over the traditional light bulbs making their place in the market and hearts of people. Here Some of the advantages of neon lights are mentioned below-

  • Long- lifespan

Normal standard light bulbs have a lifespan of 6 months- 1year while Neon lights have an average lifespan of 5-10 years and even can stay functional for 20 years if properly maintained. 

  • Power/ energy-efficient

Neon lights function through the interaction of electricity with gas so they consume less energy and less power as compared to traditional light bulbs. On average, Neon lights save up to 50% energy as compared to traditional light bulbs. 

  • Customizable

Being customizable is the biggest advantages of neon lights as it offers more design freedom. 

  • High-visibility

Neon lights stand out from a distance and as compared to traditional light bulbs. Neon lights provide a 180-degree illumination which makes them easily visible from far as well. 

  • Variety of operating range 

Traditional light bulbs work on a standard electrical source while neon lights can work on a wide variety of voltages which makes them flexible. 

Neonza Studio is the online platform where you can get customized Neon sign Lights by choosing your text design, font style, and size. We promise to deliver your product to your place on time with excellent quality and packaging. We provide a one-year warranty with fast pan-India shipping available. All the products are of fine quality and are 100% personalized and delivered directly from the manufacturer. We aim to provide a memorable shopping experience with the best quality product with top-rated customer service. All our customers are very happy with the product and that is our main goal. Now, you have one more gift option to consider whenever you are choosing a gift for your loved ones. So, are you planning to redo your home decor or worried about a gift for a closed one, we are the solution for you.



Q1. Are the customized Neon lights waterproof?

Ans. Yes, the Neon sign Lights we provide are of high quality and completely waterproof for outdoor placing to stay protected from rain and water.

Q2. How are Neon Sign Lights made?

Ans. A Neon sign Light is a lighting display made of glass tubes that have been filled with gas and transformed into the shape of letters or decorative designs as your preference.

Q3. Are the Neon sign Lights expensive?

Ans. The price of the Neon sign Lights depends on the quality, size of the customized neon light, and obviously from where you are getting the light. The basic range of the Neon sign lights generally starts from 1000/- can go up depending on the customization. 

Q4. Can we get customized Neon Sign Lights as per our preference?

Ans. Yes, we at Neonza Studio have expertise in providing customized Neon sign Lights as per your preference. You can get your name or any of your favorite TV show quotes or your favorite dialogues customized for your room or the preferred place.

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