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BTS Neon Sign

BTS Neon Sign


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If you are a diehard fan of the BTS gang and their music videos, having this fantastic product for yourself is a must.

This beautiful BTS neon sign is made to withstand the test against time as it can last for a long time without any doubt. With a transparent acrylic backing, you won't even have to worry about obstructing the view of the wall. But that's not all! T

the flexible LED tubes of the neon sign seem to float in the air, thanks to the transparent backing. They blend well with any interior décor, thanks to the minimalist design and the subtle glow surrounding the lights. 

Get this highly affordable BTS neon sign now without any delay in ten different color options. Although the size is somewhat vertical, it will significantly add to the pillar or a narrow, vertical wall. So, what are you waiting for? 

Why Buy It?

• Easy-to-install and easy-to-carry
• Low maintenance
• Affordable and durable
• Premium quality
• Energy-efficient and environment-friendly
• Power-packed performance
• Handcrafted with love
• Minimalist, modern and aesthetic look

Why Neonzastudio

  • Premium Quality- Made from the finest quality materials to ensure the longevity and safety of the products.

  • Quirky Designs- Find all the trendy designs in one place. Decorate your space with the best of designs and add that pop of color. 

  • Made on Order- Every order is made with sheer perfection by the best craftsman in order to provide customer satisfaction. Each order is made on-demand. 

  • Sustainable Approach- Create wonderful corners without harming the environment. Consumes minimal electricity to run for hours. 

  • Personalization- Want a custom neon sign? Worry no more!

  • Easy Installation- Guides are provided with each sign to help with quick installation without any problem. 

  • Approved by Customers- Crafting happiness for customers is the prime aim and our customers approve of that!  

  • Fast delivery- Don't wait for days to unbox happiness. Fast delivery services with great customer experience.

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Package Details

What's in the kit?

Don’t worry about the hassles of installing your favorite neon signs! Neonza Studio is here to help you.Every sign comes with an installation guide and mounting kit. The kit includes your neon sign packaged with care to ensure support, power cord, and mounting screws. Our signs come with pre-drilled holes to save you from the difficult part. Unwrap happiness and hang it on your favorite corner.

Product Installation Guide

Follow these steps for an easy installation:

  1. Measure out the area and the neon sign.
  2. Depending on your preference, mark where you want to install the sign.
  3. With help of a drilling machine, make holes on your preferred mark.
  4. Take out the mounting screws from your kit to hang your sign.
  5. Now connect the adapter with the cable and lighten up neon joy!.

    RGB Color Guide

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